All in a day’s work of an LPO Company

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6 min readJul 17, 2019

LPOs are one of the booming business in every IT industry in developing nations. Either the legal process outsourcing exists as a separate department among many other services in bigger MNCs. Or a company provides exclusive LPO services because of the founders and or the partner’s strong legal background. It’s the founders and partners vision and mission for the company that makes it stand tall and proclaim the brand name for legacies.

The Legal Team

A legal experts team is hired who bring even more rich experience and expertise to the company. The foundation is laid strong for the actual core activity in the days to come. The selection of the legal team is important because it entrusts the backbone for the whole LPO concept.

The team will comprise the senior experienced attorneys who have been there done that already. As a lawyer always their wisdom and experience count and ensures formidable value in the long run.

The smart, savvy legal professionals are the next to be hired. An attorney is a combination of various skills and legal attitude that help them with their job necessity and relevancy. With the guidance of a senior attorney and the keen sense to add more weight to the work they perform, the younger lot of lawyers put together are the ones who contribute much in the LPO.

They are not actual freshers. In India, lawyers who join an LPO actually have done a few years of the actual fieldwork working under successful lawyer and law firms trained under them and encountering or assisting legal cases in courts. Hence there are no novices either.

When outsourcing is being taken, the company is all ready and set to provide the maximum professional and best level of service that they can provide that benefits both clients and the company as well. Reputation and skills are what keeps you ahead and earn trust and build your brand.

No company in their right mind will compromise that and hence all the prior background works are always carried out to the end of thoroughness. There are ISO certified quality checks the outsourcing company lives up to and ensure only the best service is delivered to the client.

Ancillary to the Legal Team

Meanwhile, when the lawyers are prepped and working on mock scenarios for various services the outsourcing company provides, they also equip themselves with the software and tools available in the market that the clients may actually be working on or will be ready to migrate to. Parallelly, other significant departments also start their contribution to the overall development of the company. Those being the –

The marketing team- comprising both business marketing and digital marketing

The business marketing team usually comprises of the project managers who are well adept in their skills to bring the business client to the company. The client in an LPO sense refers to a legal firm, corporate houses or legal publishing houses.

The project managers and business heads can be from onshore or offshore and both the teams would collaborate in unearthing the potential clients for the business. They attend conferences and seminars and meet new clients or stay ahead in current business trends and also promote their company and brand value in these places.

The digital marketing team works on website visibility, search engine optimization, social connecting through Facebook LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and any other social websites. Apart from this, the website gets ready for the company and content strategy in terms of the website as well as regular blogs are been updated.

They deal with keyword optimizations for higher ranking and also deal with google ads and the likes. This brings traffic to the website when the client actually searches for the type of your company through online searches and browsing.

The tech team who designs and builds the websites and maintains them throughout the time the website is live.

Then there are the HR team guys who coordinate the whole process of hiring, keeping employee records, do payroll or anything in between to provide the right working ambiance for everyone else. Also with them are the maintenance team for both the building as well as for the systems.

So, all in all, it’s a huge network of coordinated process running inside an organization to bring the best for the clients and good competitive business for the outsourcing company.

Administering and delivering of Pilot Projects by LPO company to Clients

Once all this is done and a live project comes from the client, the client is first provided with a pilot project. A pilot project will ensure both the client and the outsourcing company to know of each other. The client will get to know how adept the company is in handling the project and understanding their requirements.

At the same time, the outsourcing company will know what the client needs and what are the possible resources both human and technology needed to complete the assignment.

For a particular kind of legal task the attorneys who are skilled for that service is chosen and the project is assigned to the team. This ensures that there is clear compatibility with everyone involved and the task gets done promptly.

Clients are provided with options for updated software, tools and technology or also provide according to their already in-house existing technology if they prefer to. The attorneys work offshore, however, technically they work for you in-house.

Mete out the Legal Outsourcing Services

When the pilot project is a success and the client moves on to the actual collaboration, the cost is determined either as a one time fixed cost or according to the diversity of the service offered. Usually, legal outsourcing is majorly attractive because of its cost and time effectiveness for the client.

The legal services will be done and the client is always looped and kept up to date with live dashboards and reports. A legal company will handle any specific kinds of legal services or provide services for an assortment of legal services like contract management services, contract life cycle management, document review, legal research, e-discovery, global regulatory compliance management, merger & acquisition support, IP services, global immigration management, online alternative dispute resolution are some of the major services LPOs provide.

Behind all these, there goes a lot of research, syncing, organizing and systemization works internally to the LPO company, to deliver the best in class services for the clients. So find the LPO company which fits your company vision and go ahead with outsourcing. You know you already have lots on your plate to strategically deal with for your own business and so don’t let the legal services that can be outsourced to pull you back from being competitive.

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