Contract Abstraction& Summarization in Legal Process Outsourcing

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2 min readSep 24, 2019

Contract Abstraction& Summarization means to have all the necessary details of a contract shown, leaving out the rest of the larger to detail part for second consideration. In this age of fast-paced lives, it’s not everyone who has the luxury of too much time. So when things are done, time is of the essence. So it becomes even more requisite that we make that happen or strive to do exactly that.

When it comes to the law, nothing is ever simple or informal. Everything about legal is complex and usually woven through large jargons and clauses running pages after pages. Contract Abstraction& Summarization makes sure that every contract is accounted for with the right important details just enough to describe the contract without overdoing it with loads of words and pages.

The Contract Abstraction exists in a template form of tables with the exact attributes to give you the complete meaningful insight about the contract and hence for easy retrieval and understanding.

Contract Abstraction Key Goals

A good Contract Abstraction aims for the goals below.

Risk Evaluation and Averting

Contract Abstraction gives us in layman terms the essentials details about the contract. This makes us evaluate and understand the contract effectively, mitigating any risks due to missing out on details.


It provides you with information at a glance for a quick review. It saves a lot of time trying to skim through the whole contract to know the purpose and other much-needed contract details.

Decisive dates

Contract Abstraction provides you clearly with all the key dates neatly and legibly specified so that no deadlines are missed out or when a task/ service according to the contract needed to be carried out.

Straightforward and Uncomplicated

A template for Contract Abstraction with a tabular format and the adequate attribute descriptions columned and arranged makes it easy on the eyes to read and the brain to perceive things quicker.

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