Contract Harmonization and Standardization

Aeren lpo
2 min readOct 31, 2019

In Legal Process Outsourcing, Contract Harmonization and Standardization is the method of gaining a thorough insight into the contractual obligations of any organization and know every term, condition, and clauses and prepare a standard contract request for proposal template.

Once the standard contract harmonization is done, a library of common contractual terms and conditions is prepared and delivered to the clients for future use and references.

This double benefit outcome for a legal contract management system is a must-have feature when it comes to contracts streamlining. Contract Harmonization and Standardization is a part of Contract Management Services.

Why do we need the best contract harmonization & standardization for organizations?

Contract Harmonization and Standardization prepares an exhaustive list of fields that contain every detail and relevant information extracted from the contract.

The focus to detail and information is not done for one or random contract, however, it’s done for every contract there entered into by the organization.

This can help in analyzing the common clauses the organization makes and also aids in identifying any missing terms, conditions, and clauses that exist in one but apparently missed in another.

Collects every contract’s clauses and makes a library of the contract terms, condition, and clauses under global, local, state or country classification. This can be shared and used with access to multi geographic location offices for the organization if it exists.

Armed with the power of every clause and instance it was applied to, the organization can prepare a standard Contract Request for Proposal in no time at all and also with the highest degree of professionalism.

The best contract harmonization and standardization template gives more insight into every detail of the contracts like terms, conditions, clauses, dates of importance like the date the contracts entered into, renewal dates and termination dates.

All the above can vary and depend upon organization to organization needs. However, the key delivery goal is that you will have every contract details accounted for and sorted out to view in a glance in a tabular format in a standard template.

Once things are put in the right place, ordered, streamlined and outlined correctly,the rest of the things get taken care of by itself and the Contract Management Process will happen smoothly.