Relevancy of Managed Document Review Services in today’s Legal Process Outsourcing

Aeren lpo
2 min readFeb 10, 2020

Managed Document Review Services are undertaken when a legal firm or corporate house give their in-house litigation-related document review services to an external vendor or a legal process outsourcing company.

In current times when litigation is in the process the number of documents to be reviewed has increased manifold. This excessively high volume of data influx emerged from thanks to our commercial use of internet and handheld devices. The research for document review kept getting larger. Limited data are not going to cut anymore in the near future too.

With the advent of computed workflows and a completely digitized world in the corporate and even in the government sector there is an equal demand to give a proper weight age for all the information that comes by in their day-to-day transactions.

Rummaging in this hoards of data takes much longer time to find the relevancy of information you need for the litigation, time is directly related to exorbitant cost and the other resources that go with it like people — lawyers, paralegals, and technology. This increases the need for automation and E-discovery tools like Relativity, Illogical, Concordance and much more document review software flooding the markets.

With the increase in data, the digitized data flow doesn’t make you have relaxation on your turn around time for the document review process. If not, time only has made even more significant reduction to deliver quick and efficient results.

When 1000s of 10000s and sometimes even more documents are up for document review, the process is sped by automation. Automation filters leave out the first level of irrelevant documents to the litigation and are left with 1000s.

Next, with even more search keywords and advanced filters, the relevant key documents are spotted. These software and tools are cloud-based which makes it easier for the client to be accessed to the status of the project with the developments happening every day.

With security a prime feature taken seriously in the document review software and tools it has become even more easier , risk free and completely safe in sharing key and hot data with efficient ease.

Customizations have become another feather in the cap with business-wise customized solutions that can be coded and added that fits exactly for the kind of managed document reviews that need to be conducted. With choices and options galore finding the sensitive document either to protect it or share it in litigation becomes easier, reliable and quicker with results.