The 7 Best Practices Applied in a Managed Document Review Process you wanted to know

Aeren lpo
3 min readMar 16, 2020

Document review is best done to analyze and sort through every document the team possesses and decides which get to be the sensitive document and which ones do not. Document review is a very necessary step in deciding what needs to go into the litigation before a trail forms and what needs to be out there as presenting evidence and what is best-kept reach out from evidence material.

What are the ways Managed Document Review can be handled to get the most favorable and successful outcome:

FoolproofPlanning and Robust Project management.

The whole project will be meticulously planned in accordance with the requirements of the clients which strive to implement only the best possible practices in getting the document review project started.

Identify and accept all the mandatory set of documents that need to be given due consideration for project review until the complete planning and project management process

A well-selected team that leads the wayequipped with Training

The team that will be in for the document review will be well versed with their specific job description and the set of rules that will be needed to follow in coding the set of documents.

The team that will be under the project will be experienced and has very keen eye expertise in knowing to find the right set of data from the number of documents provided which will be in 1000s of 1000.

The Daily Workflow Procedures with Routines, Quality and Compliance

The whole project will be taken into account and the project design will be conducted uniquely and customized to the specific needs of the project by considering its every aspect that reflects the project requirements and objective.

The project in every step of the way in its workflow will be always kept in check for compliance and then a team for assurance of implementing and adhering to quality standards will be conducting thorough and regular quality checks.

High Standardized Quality ControlTest and Validations

Quality assurance practices that need to be followed or already put into practice and plans. These quality control assurances get you to your goals to be targeted and reached every phase of the document review project management.

Target to achieve and demonstrate the quality through assigning privilege roles and key designations that will be relevant to the outcome of the result validation of the document review project.

Test the document review process by previewing, reviewing and then by applying validation searches to obtain the results.

Prompt for statistics and numbers to demonstrate the high-quality validation results to the start of the outcome.

The high skilled attorneys should always be made for performance tracking throughout the project term so that the whole team can be evaluated for the timeline and pace the project undergoes and reaches completion.

Time-to-time Communication and Correspondance

Communication needs to be conducted frequently in correspondence to the status of the project targets and other requirements that will only be conveyed to both sides when communication is kept paramount throughout the project management.

Reports with Dashboards and Monitoring.

Reports need to be delivered and constant updates for the project should be always shown to monitor the progress of the document review project management regularly. Reports and live dashboards give the insight milestones to the project.

Records and Repository Management.

When the project is completed the records of the whole project need to be diligently recorded and approved to store in the repository for any future relevance for the litigation.

This collection of documents and a complete repository of the whole process gives a strong point of record for defense in the nearest future.

Document review is a very sensitive and critical process when it comes to litigation. Every measure needs to be seriously taken to make the whole managed document review a smooth project completion.